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Who We Work With

So a typical client for us is someone between 40-60. They are mid-career, quite successful, but between work, family and the demands of life, they haven’t had time to do everything they should. Frankly our clients don’t like the idea of the stereotypical, stuffy advisor. Most of them weren’t even sure what those advisors do anyway.

We provide our clients a high level of service and advice but through the most convenient and efficient ways possible. We use new technology for video meetings, have online scheduling to make coordinating with your spouse’s schedule easier, provide programs that streamline the planning and investment process to save you money and get you back to your life faster. All while upholding the standard for excellent results.

Life is complex but solutions can be simple. We want to help you identify your next target and then coach you on how to take small steps to achieve that goal. It really is as simple as taking a small step to move in the right direction. We want you to make progress and to celebrate your achievements.

We understand that you are BUSY and you don’t have time for endless meetings and you probably don’t care about fancy reports that designed to show you how smart your financial advisor is. Stop paying for the number of pages produced and start paying for advice.

If you are looking for a fresh and honest approach that fits your life give me a call today.

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