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How It Works

You no longer have to search through endless files for statements and documents to bring in.  Instead, prior to the first meeting, we'll give you access to a secure client portal where you can pre-load your accounts. This brings together all of your financial data into one private virtual vault.

Streamlined Data Gathering

We want to make it easy for you to spend time with us.  So this meeting, as with the others, you choose whether it's face-to-face or a video call.  During the Discovery Meeting, we will discuss your financial information in detail, from your present situation to future goals.

1 - Discovery

We will offer you solutions to reach your goals.  This will include retirement planning, debt optimization, insurance, investments, savings, and any other areas specific to your situation.  Get more details about what financial planning entails here.

2 - Recommendations

risk tolerance investments riskalyze

Here we will use tailored technology to objectively calculate your true risk tolerance using a scientific framework that won the Nobel Prize for Economics.  Then we'll engineer the risk in a portfolio to fit your unique risk preferences and meet your expectations with a 95% mathematical confidence.  Now that's smart investing.  Get more details about our investment strategy here.

3 - Investment Planning

You'll get real-time performance reports and have a single point of access for all of your financial accounts, including everything from investments to mortgages. We continue monitoring your portfolio and schedule regular follow-ups to discuss progress or any changes in your financial situation. Furthermore, we are always available to our clients as needed.

An Ongoing Relationship

Your Work Is Done

Check the box and cross this one off your list.  Rest assured knowing that all the pieces of your financial life are working together to move you in the right direction.

That makes sense.  I'm ready to