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Certified Local financial advisor in Mount Pleasant, SC #townproud

That's a lot of words to say that we are professionally bound to do what's best for you. We only get paid by our clients, not for selling products or by any financial institution, so you never have to wonder where our loyalty lies. We are fully committed to making your money do what's best for you. We'll even coordinate with your CPA, estate attorney, and insurance agents to make sure every piece of your financial life is converging in a purposeful way. 

independent fiduciary
fee-only financial advisor

Jeremy Ellisor headshot



Jeremy has worked in various sides of the financial industry, including a fee-only wealth management firm, an independent broker dealer, and an insurance company.  His experience brings expertise in planning for the future, investments, insurance, taxes, and estate planning.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Clemson University.

Jeremy is a native of South Carolina, and is married to Kristy Ellisor.  They live in McClellanville with their son, Alexander, and daughter, Caroline.  During his free time, Jeremy enjoys spending time with his family, boating, shrimping, hunting, and being an active elder at The Church at LifePark.

Kristy Ellisor headshot



Kristy works behind the scenes, helping us communicate clearly, from our online presence to print.  Her goal is to make sure people know that Convergent is for those who have busy lives and are tired of the stereotypical advisor.

Kristy earned a Bachelor of Arts from The University of North Florida. Her previous work includes sales and marketing in finance, pharmaceuticals, and international shipping.

She is married to Jeremy Ellisor, and they live in McClellanville with their two children, Alexander and Caroline. As a Lowcountry native, when she's not working, Kristy can be found on the beach, on a dock, or on the boat.

White Havanese dog


Hugo is a 6-year-old Havanese who loves to be where his people are. You'll regularly find him at the office in his signature bow tie. His passion for walks and play time remind us that it's important to have fun, even in the world of finance.

If he's not at the office, Hugo prefers to be in the car with his head out the window or on the boat with the breeze in his hair.


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