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Planning Leads to Anxiety?

Charles Spurgeon quote on anxiety

If choice leads to freedom, then why do we have such anxiety about financial decisions?  I think Charles Spurgeon got it right when he said, “Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.” 

Follow me for a second here…

Sometimes we feel like there are too many choices before us, and we feel a pressure to make the exact right decision.  We become so anxious about doing something wrong — or anything less than what’s best — that we become paralyzed and do nothing.

When we think about taking the steps to do some intentional planning, there are two primary obstacles that can overwhelm us.

1. Time - I’ll have to take off work; I’ll have to get babysitter; It’s so hard to coordinate schedules with my spouse.  Even if I can get all that worked out, is this going to take ten meetings?  Are  you going to tell me I need to meet with my banker, my attorney, and my CPA too?  

2. Change - I’m worried you’re going to tell me my goals are unattainable, or worse… that I have to give up Starbucks or vacations.  My personal fear that I’ve had to deal with is the worry of going back to eating endless tuna fish sandwiches, as I did to survive my college years.  No, thank you!

And on and on it goes.  We exhaust ourselves with anxiety before we can ever get started.  If we could take all of that energy we’re wasting on our worries and re-focus it on what we CAN do, it would change everything.

At Convergent we are committed to providing solutions to problems, to getting rid of some of these barriers that are paralyzing people from getting the help that they need.  With online scheduling, you and your spouse can see our availability online, choose the time that works best for both of you, and even schedule yourself.  With our video calls, it makes it so much easier for you and your spouse to be “present” without even leaving the office.  As far as the change, I can’t promise that some won’t be required.  What I can say is that I encourage people to start with small changes that they are comfortable with.  As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  

Winning is about moving in the right direction over time.  I want to help you move the ball down the field, one play at a time.  Stop doing nothing and schedule your first appointment today.  I never charge for taking a meeting, so it’s a great investment for your and your family’s future!

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