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Are You Prosperous or Wealthy?

Those who live prosperously will not become wealthy, and in fact,

they will eventually be poor.

Now that may not seem to make much sense, but let’s explore these words and their meanings...

do you want to be prosperous or wealthy definition

The nuance here is that there is an abundance of material things. I live in a very affluent area, and “prosperous” describes most people here. They work hard, make a lot of money, and spend a lot of money. They have a lot of material things.

do you want to be prosperous or wealthy definition

In contrast, “wealthy” is defined as having a great deal of money. Not had and spent. The wealthy have money. Notice the focus on accumulation here. They still spend, and perhaps quite a lot, but they don’t spend so

much that they can’t accumulate.

poor definition

In the case of “poor,” these folks are struggling with the expenses of normal life. Now sometimes this is due to circumstances beyond their control, and I’m not talking

about those cases here. I am talking about

people who are making decisions today

that are going to cause them to be poor

in the future.

Are you tracking with me so far? Let’s look at the habits of the two that I come into contact with the most, the prosperous and the wealthy. As you read through this chart, for each row put a check mark in the column that best represents your household.

prosperous vs wealthy chart, the way to wealth creation, how the wealthy behave

So how does your household compare to the habits of the wealthy? Are there areas where you might need to make some adjustments? If so, take one area at a time and start adjusting your thinking and behavior. The risk for loss in the long run is high if you don’t, but by the same token, the potential for gain is great if you do.

Wondering how you can practically begin to shift your mindset and start making actionable decision to move towards true wealth? Schedule a call or meeting with me here and we can chat through your situation.

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments. I love hearing back from you!


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