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Spending: More Fun than Saving

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I recently met with a husband and wife who are clients and are very disciplined at saving. I wanted to know if they had any advice that might be helpful to my other clients. So I asked, "How can I make doing the right thing financially more fun?" Without hesitation, the wife responded, "You can't. Saving isn't ever fun. Spending is what's fun." (As her husband cringed.) Touchè.

Well, I like to spend, too, but I want to be your champion when it comes to doing the right things with your money. To that end, I'm officially announcing a savings competition among Convergent clients in 2019. Here's the deal:

The client (clients if a couple) who saves the largest percentage of gross income will win $100 to go towards a dinner celebration at your choice of restaurant. (I'm thinking Hall's Chophouse in Charleston, but whatever floats your boat.)

jar of $100 bills

We'll make the final calculation the first week of January 2020 and notify the winner that same week.

Happy saving!

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