• Convergent Financial Group

Spending: More Fun than Saving

I recently met with a husband and wife who are clients and are very disciplined at saving. I wanted to know if they had any advice that might be helpful to my other clients. So I asked, "How can I make doing the right thing financially more fun?" Without hesitation, the wife responded, "You can't. Saving isn't ever fun. Spending is what's fun." (As her husband cringed.) Touchè.

Well, I like to spend, too, but I want to be your champion when it comes to doing the right things with your money. To that end, I'm officially announcing a savings competition among Convergent clients in 2019. Here's the deal:

The client (clients if a couple) who saves the largest percentage of gross income will win $100 to go towards a dinner celebration at your choice of restaurant. (I'm thinking Hall's Chophouse in Charleston, but whatever floats your boat.)

We'll make the final calculation the first week of January 2020 and notify the winner that same week.

Happy saving!